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The Sunday Letters come to life in this insider view of my studio process, full of inspiration, ideas and creativity for rug hookers.

For a long time I have been yearning to create something more intimate, motivating, nourishing and inspiring for our community. I want to help you learn to trust your own artistic voice and vision to 
create rugs you love. These intimate and organic hooking sessions with me will give you an exclusive 
real time look into my  private studio process.  

12 months of Art Dates with me...a fresh new session each month.
 No where else in all the offerings and classes I have done are you going to get this current insider view.  I want to deepen my engagement with you with this series of exclusive videos full of rich storytelling, rug hooking,  and ongoing inspiration and encouragement for your creative process. 

I'm so excited about the Inspiration Sessions 

that I'm giving you a SNEAK PEEK !

So what are rug hookers saying about The Inspiration Sessions...

"I just finished working with you through the first inspiration session. Your poem made me tear up and I felt Mrs. Edna could be living behind those windows when you returned to your rug. I also felt such affirmation from you as you spoke which is interesting as you can’t possibly know what stage any of us are in in this course. This is so much the kind of teaching I’ve been looking for for now. Thank you." Gayla

"Loved this first session – so glad I joined! It was calming and exciting at the same time – a really good feeling. I already learned some things and gained insight into your process. It also affirmed and encouraged me to trust my own intuition and style in telling my story in hooking. Thank you for sharing!" Wanda

"Deanne, the first Inspiration Session was phenomenal! I didn’t hook, because I just wanted to concentrate my efforts listening to you. I loved learning your rationale of why you did certain things. It was very enlightening! I love how you tell us not to be perfect with different shapes in the rug. Your talk about the book you were reading gave me lots to ponder. I think we all want to deepen our engagements, and this would provide. Good exercises to work on that. I always have faith in you Deanne! Every class, Sunday Letter, and Thursday Live has always been rewarding. You put your all into everything you do. I always try to do better at that too! Thanks so much! You made my day!!"Linda

Who are the inspiration sessions for?

The sessions are for the beginner to the seasoned rug hooker. Whether you use kits and patterns or draw all your own designs these sessions are for you. I will hook for an hour and you will learn by watching me.

If you want to build your rug hooking intuition around colour, texture and design and have some company while you hook these sessions are perfect for you.

If you are looking for inspiration to keep your creative juices bubbling, you need a creative jump start, or need to get unstuck these are for you.

How much does it cost?

$199  introductory price for all twelve months paid annually. So for less than $17 a month you can have an art date in my studio each month.

Is it a course?

No. You will learn things but you won’t have homework you’ll just show up and be part of the experience. 

How long are the sessions?

The sessions will be at least an hour each month.

What if I have a question?

You can ask a question in the comments of each session and I’ll answer you directly there. You answer will show up right where your comment is posted. You can also join our Harbour Inspirations Community and chat with other members there.

How is this different from your Thursday lives?

Int is completely different. The focus will be all on the hooking in a one hour recorded video. It will be like an hour alone with me in my studio and will feel like a one on one visit.

How is it different than the Harbour?

The Harbour is a deep and immersive learning experience while the sessions are more about showing up, being playful, and learning in the moment. I think though if you liked the hooking sessions in the Harbour you’ll love these videos.

What if I can’t draw?

It does not matter. There are no special requirements needed. You just show up and enjoy the session.

Do I have to go to the sessions at a certain time?

No. You can do the sessions at your own pace, on your own time, logging into the website when ever you want.

Are there any surprises?

Only good ones! Well, I was thinking that some months I will do an extra little treat video. Maybe a visit or an interview, or a fun activity. But there won’t be any extra fees or anything. You can just work on whatever project you have on the go.

What materials will I need?

You will need at least one rug hooking or creative project to work on. I would also suggest a sketch book for notes and ideas as I plan to do some fun exercises with you through out the year.

Are materials included in the cost?

You won't need any  specific materials for The Inspiration Sessions. You are encouraged to work on whatever hooking project you currently have on the go.

When do The  Inspiration Sessions begin?

They begin the month you join and you will receive all sessions from March  on. Your  $199 membership lasts the whole year.

How do the sessions work and how do I find them?

Each month we will send you a link with a password for that month's Inspiration Session. I encourage you to create a folder to save all those emails in so you can have access to them again and again. When you purchase the the product you will get access to all twelve months.

What if I don’t get to watch it during the month?

The material will remain up on the website for you indefinitely. You can access it anytime. Once you join the Inspiration Sessions they are yours to keep for as long as our website is up. 

Here is the Q and A about The Inspiration Sessions

You do not want to miss these exclusive and intimate sessions that will inspire you to create beauty everyday from your own heart, your own mind, your own stories