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The Harbour 2022 

Registration NOW OPEN!

I want you to bloom!

Get fired up. Get committed.

Feel the love,

The love of beauty

The love of creativity

The love of making

The love of community

The love of rug hooking

Come to "The Harbour"

A Master Class for 2022!

Course registration starts NOW!

Twelve months... 

Twelve impactful lessons to change the way you hook rugs and bring creativity to your doorstep.

A Master class in creativity, art and rug hooking with Deanne Fitzpatrick

This course is for you if you want more creativity and artfulness in your life and in your rug hooking. It is a commitment to yourself and your own development as an artist.

I have always said that to become an artist we must act like artists and this course is a step by step guide to becoming the artist you have always wanted to be. It is an opportunity to grow yourself and your creativity in new and important ways.

I never imagined myself as an artist. Once I started hooking rugs I saw the possibilities. I starting watching and following artists and I began doing what artists do so that I could become an artist myself. In doing this I became the artist I am today. Creativity breeds creativity. It is in all of us. We just need to access it, love it, and develop it .

This twelve course masterclass can be done at your own pace when ever you like. You can do it over twelve weeks or twelve months. It is self paced and self directed with the support of an online facebook community that I host myself. 

The 12 courses are Focused around Twelve themes

Self Understanding

Making Space







Collections and Themes

Roots and Wings


Preparation and Planning

Each theme has six lessons.

• Art Escape: A new rug every month from start to finish.

 Navigating the Waters: Readings from my books and new writings.

• The Book Club: Review books that have influenced my creativity.

• Deep Dive Activity: Lead you in creativity practices.

• The Village: Our private community to share your rugs and ideas.

 Red Couch Diaries: Insightful conversations with creative friends. 

With over 90 videos, many of them over 30 minutes long you will learn the my secrets to creativity and how you can develop your own “heartful” and artistic approach to hooking rugs.

You will receive the links and passwords for the twelve courses when you purchase this class.

If that is what you want this course is for you. 

We are only going to offer it once a year.

Once you purchase It is yours to keep to work on as long as you like, on your own time.

Art Escape

A new rug every month from start to finish.

Red Couch Diaries

Insightful conversations with creative friends. 

The Book Club

Review books that have influenced my creativity.

Navigating the Waters

Readings from my books and new writings.

The Village

Our private Facebook community to share your

rugs and ideas.

Deep Dive Activity

Lead you in creativity practices.

What did The Harbour mean to you?

This course is a reawakening!

Review by Linda R.

This course is a reawakening!I cannot say enough good things about this course. Deanne has put together a new journey each month that is filled with videos and readings. Each month explores a different topic and it seems to alternate between developing the techniques of creativity with the mindset of creativity. It has been a true experience of growth in self confidence, perspective, and technique. And the best part is the community of other learners who post their finished pieces, thoughts of creativity and inspirations, and generous support and encouragement in our own Facebook Village.

Wonderful Course

Review by Judy P. 

Very inspiring. Reaching out to all aspects of creating, mind, eye and hand. Taking the art in depth.

The Harbour Master Class

Review by Lynn S. 

Deanne Fitzpatrick has done it again! She has created a fantastic online class for us; one that stretches, challenges, encourages and nurtures us as learning, growing artists. I highly recommend learning about hooking and art and life from her.

The Harbour

Click here to join me on this journey of creativity, rug hooking, art and design.

Grow your creativity in 2022!