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Your ordinary self.

Your ordinary self.

Just remember. ?

You can do anything you want. 

Is that true. Can you really? Can anyone?

There is such pressure now to live the big life.

The ordinary life is old style. It's gone out of fashion.

To just have a job and not "live your dream" is the thing of yesterday.

Can't I just want to be myself.

To come to work. To make things. 

Really is that true? Do we all have to live big things?

Most everyone I know, myself included, is ordinary.

Occasionally we get a peek at the glitter.

Maybe something gets a thousands likes. 

Oh what does it matter anyway.

Those likes are nothing like ...

a kiss on the cheek

or a hand on your shoulder.

We are all ordinary.

Every once in a while we get to be special

but it cannot be an everyday goal to be amazing.

Sometimes you just gotta make the coffee

and sit in your chair and just feel what it is to be yourself.

Your ordinary self is actually your wonderful self.

It's good enough. 

It's you.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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