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Working on Small Rugs

Working on Small Rugs

-Keep it simple, too many details will get muddied when hooked in a small rug

-Use burlap for small pieces you're hooking that are going to be hung on the wall. If it's for the floor use linen, it's more expensive but more durable than burlap. 

-Picking your materials is just as important in small rugs as it is big ones!

-Don't use too many textured materials in a small piece, it will make it hard to distinguish the design. 

-Use more narrow widths of wool in your smaller rugs, use different sizes deliberately. 

-Be aware of the direction you're hooking in as it makes a bigger impact in a small rug. 

-Small rugs are great for creating series with, they're quick to complete and look nice when placed next to each other.

-Save leftover pieces of wool and yarn from big projects to use in your smaller rugs.

-If the wool you're using isn't working you can rip it and redo it easier and without wasting much time. 

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  • emily dunne
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