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Winter Song

Winter Song

I carry myself in heavy boots and parka out the door.

The big snowfall. Grey shadows.

Tracks to follow.

The little fox who lives in the woods

travels the same path as I do.

Rabbits hide under the tree. 

Red berries peek out under white blankets.

Winter you want so much energy

just to let us wander your field.

The walking is harder. 

Dressing takes longer. 

Wet. Cold. Wonderful still.

How you transform us.

How you make the world around us shimmer.

We go inside.

Inside our houses,

inside our selves.

Time to be at the hearth,

to find the hearth within ourselves.

I go outside every day.

To feel the truth of winter in my bones.

Knowing that it comes in with a wind in November

and carries us into March.

March on. Face the cold. 

Stomp in the snow.

Hold fast to home. Oh Canada.


You bless me.

Though sometimes I lament

your heavy ways.

Still you bless.

You bless.

Winter Strong.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
Comments 1
  • Beatrice Grant
    Beatrice Grant

    One of the best Sunday letters!,one among many. Sometimes the emotions just flow so beautifully, you made our winter come alive.Thanks Deanne❤️

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