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Using Texture

Using Texture

Various wools work to create different effects in mats. Lighter weight wools can be thready when hooked, but can be trimmed or left as is to create character and liveliness to whatever you're hooking. Don't dismiss them, they can be useful.

Play with texture by cutting your fabrics into different widths. Using hand cut wool adds strength to your mat and is noticeable once the piece is finished. Thicker and heavier wools create good backgrounds because they fill up space quickly! Some people love to use them, other people find them hard to work with. 

Wools can be hooked at different heights and directions depending on what you're trying to hook, and how much texture you want in your piece! 

The best way to find out what you're going to get from a certain material is to hook a square inch of it prior to using it in your mat. 

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  • emily dunne
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