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Sunday Letter Nov. 8

Good Morning,
I spent yesterday with some old friends walking the beaches and paths of Cumberland County. It was a fine day, a day well spent. There is something so comforting for us in being with friends who have known us for a long time. I think it is good for the spirit. Yesterday was good for my spirit.
This week I seemed to get a lot done. For about a year I have been keeping notes in my day book about how I spend my days. I did this in an effort to understand how I use my time. Sometimes I wonder why I am doing it at all but I have decided to carry it out for a full year and have a little year in review for myself in late December. I am like that. I like these exercises.
How can I know how I spent my time without keeping track of it somehow. One day slides into the next and so many of them become a bit of a blur. It is hard to recall what you did last Wednesday. I like to recall and reflect. It's part of why I hook rugs, part of why I write.
Except there are those special ones, those days where you take time to do something important or memorable. These are the stand out days. The days you remember.
These days that we create with family and friends are vital. They teach us the importance of love. These are the days when people reveal themselves to us. These are the days that secrets are told, relationships are deepened, & kindness is at the forefront.
These are the days that take planning and effort. They don't often just happen. Sometimes you have to drive a couple of hours, or book out your schedule.
Today I'll drive for a couple hours just to have a bite to eat with some family. It's worth it just to see their faces. It's worth it just to see the eye rolls, to hear one of them laugh, or spend a few minutes walking around the block with them.
So often I am just filling in notes of the same bits and pieces day after day. I love my days hooking rugs, writing, handling wool. It fulfills and sustains me. I love my simple routines followed by cooking supper at home, maybe a fire in the yard. They are my daily life. It is no grind. It is precious. It is a nest. It is a home.
But there are other kinds of sustenance. The kind that takes planning and effort and love. I am so grateful that this weekend I am putting the effort in to find some extra joy, some extra fun.
I think I laughed out loud twenty times yesterday. These were not the "lols" that come with a text. These were the kind of laughs you get with old cameraderie. They come from quick wit and understanding. They come from knowledge of the other.
All I can say is that family and friends are worth the effort. We are worth the effort.
You are worth the effort.
Thanks for reading. I am glad you are there.

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  • Angela Davis
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