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Sunday Letter, Jan 3rd. : Today is a day to gather your wool around you and make something beautiful.

Sunday Letter, Jan 3rd. : Today is a day to gather your wool around you and make something beautiful.
Good Morning,
I woke in the dark after a big snowfall. The new white coat over the landscape gave off a feeling of more light. It was 7 am and I just wanted to get out in that snow in the dark with the Christmas lights still on, the sun not yet up.
Playing in the snow, shovelling, walking through our little woods made me me feel like a child again. No one was up and around, the light was just starting to peek in over the trees, and it felt a like a private little world. I like these little worlds of my own. It is why I like the woods. It is why I like hooking rugs.
That's what it feels like when I am hooking. Though we share this craft with a large community when we sit in our own homes with our wool and our hook we get to go to magic land. That precious place where you are lost in time and you even forget about the chocolate in the cupboard. It is why I hook, to get into that private world for a time where I am just so fully myself.
Each rug we make takes us to a little world of our own. We get lost in colour, time and space. That chance to be alone with our own thoughts, coming and going freely is our own personal meditation. We make the mat to get back to ourselves. It brings us back to our senses, to a place we can see and feel the beauty of the world around us. We own this ability, it is ours.
For me personally I always think I am making the rug where as in reality it has made me. It has lead me to a better version of myself. When I am lost in a rug the thief of comparison is not picking my pocket. I am just at home alone with the company of a podcast, an online class or an audio book and I am just satisfied to be there with these good hands leading the way. I am creating my own good life as best I can and I am grateful for the chance to do it.
I will start another rug this morning after I finish writing to you. I finished one yesterday. I will show you below. It is not clipped or pressed yet so it is still a bit raw. Still I see the beauty in it and I want to make more beauty. That is what brings me to the frame. That chance to alter what is. To take a pile of cloth and yarn and bring forth something new. I have no idea what I'll hook but I'll hook.
This is winter. It is time to make. It is time to console our summer souls with sweaters, faux fur throws, and wool socks. It is time to retreat to the warmth and comfort of our rug hooking frame. To pick out our colours in the light of day so we can cozily hook away the evenings.
Winter was made for the makers. Snow crowds our paths to keep us home with our wool and hook. It calls us to that corner of the living room, or that back bedroom, or that little studio upstairs and says "Come get cozy with me, show me what you can do."
This is the time to take the time.
Go to your wool and gather it around you. Pick out your colours in the light of this Sunday morning and start to create. Create the rug and you create the day. It's yours to make.
Create Beauty Today.
Create Beauty Everyday.
Thank you for reading,

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  • Angela Davis
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