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Sunday Letter August, 16th 2020

Sunday Letter August, 16th 2020
Good Morning,
I just spent a half-hour looking for a quote about perfectionism I saw yesterday that I wanted to share with you.
Suddenly the irony of spending so much time searching for that perfect quote dawned on me. Do I need the perfect quote or should I just get on with it? So I stopped and sat down to write to you without the quote.
There are so many things that can stand in the way of us making good rugs and perfectionism is certainly one of them. There will never be the perfect colour. There will always be many good colours that will do different things. There will never be the perfect design. There will always be many good designs.
Rugs are meant to be made. They are waiting to be made. Your frame and wool are there in front of you and they are calling out to you to sit with them and keep them company.
As we all come to terms with the new normals all around us there is a bit of a reckoning. We all realize that things are different now. Still, sometimes we are suddenly taken aback by it all. We have all been shocked into these new normals around us. Those sullen moments where you think, "It is just so different." are not yours alone.
I have them too. And in them, I turn to my rug hooking and my writing. I turn to creativity and joy and love and prayer and I try to deepen my relationships with those things. Because those things are still there. They are unchanging in the midst of great change. We need them constantly more than ever.
I need to make rugs. Because making feels right and it brings me back to myself, the self that believes in hope and joy and wonder and love. And that's the self I want to keep in touch with.
I know you understand the power of making rugs and the depth it offers in your life. I am glad you are here and I am glad that in the midst of all of this we have creativity and rug hooking.
Thank you so much for watching and sharing my Thursday Live videos. It is so great that you keep showing up. It remains a highlight of my week and a bit of fun. Thanks.
Thank you for reading,

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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