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So happy. It is the perfect time to hook.

So happy. It is the perfect time to hook.

Three Moose and The Seven Sisters is all done. I spent nearly all day clipping and pressing and sweeping. Then I had Angie take my picture on the mat.

After finishing that I dyed four loads of wool. Then I started another rug. It is also pretty large. I am excited to begin it because in the new rug I have combined two of my styles. I always enjoy that.

As I did all this I listened to Brene  Brown’s audio book , Dare to Lead. It is part of my strengthening plan for the new year, along with planking, and keeping on top of my businesses. So tonight I am home, stoking the fire so we can grill some steak on the open fire, and enjoying the quiet. 

The thing I find hard about winter in the studio is that most of our contact with people is online, and I miss your visits. I also hate our messy floors from all the mud and salt and snow. The thing I love is the quiet evenings, the darkness, the comfort of the fire. Most of my walks are at the local rink so I miss the fresh air but I still get the exercise.

I love the extra time to read, the time to reflect, and even the cold. I guess I am embracing winter. It is the perfect time to hook. Longer evenings keep us inside by our frames. Storm days trap us with our hooks, the perfect trap if I say so myself. Winter is all about the wool....


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  • Angela Davis
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