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Shop the Studio Sent for April

Shop the Studio Sent for April

You asked us to show you the studio and all the wools so here we go! Grab a cup of tea and come with me....




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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
Comments 14
  • K Leite
    K Leite

    Loved the tour of shop! Thank you for doing this. At 2200 miles away I don’t expect I’ll ever get there but you made me feel like I was. Ahh, If only to touch and feel the wares😊placing my order now.

  • Rochelle

    Loved the tour! I’ve only been able to visit once while in NS but I think This is a great way for those of us from out of province to see all the yarns and other supplies. Much better than just ordering from the site. I must go now and order some of those beauties!

  • elizabeth

    I Just want a chance to come to your store and stand in front of all the wool. Love your spirit and your work.

  • Cheryl Rogalsky
    Cheryl Rogalsky

    Wow 😲….. just Wow!
    Thanks so much!

  • Sue Kroll
    Sue Kroll

    What a beautiful shop! Thank you so much for the tour. Wish I could come and feel all that luscious wool. I hope you do these tours again as I’m sure your merchandise changes over time. Or maybe you could showcase one section at a time as you have so many beautiful products.

  • Sandra Bennett
    Sandra Bennett

    What a beautiful shop. It’s even nicer than I imagined. I’m going to make the trip to visit in person this summer.

  • Jackie Taypotat
    Jackie Taypotat

    Thanks for the terrific video! It looks as beautiful as I remember. I’ve been to Deanne’s studio twice before and it is heaven, not to mention the lovely people who work there.
    I am from Saskatchewan but I will be making my way there again! If you are travelling to the east coast make it one of your destinations! You will be so happy you did!❤️😁xo

  • rhonda dowling
    rhonda dowling

    WOW! What fun. The video gives me a better feeling of all the merchandise you really have. Not that I have any trouble buying now!
    Thank you all for making my new rug hooking hobby delightful and easy.

  • Diana Pierce
    Diana Pierce

    Thank you so much for this Deanne, Angela and Joe. What a wonderful treat. Visiting your studio is on my bucket list — one of these days it will happen.

  • Maxine Boss
    Maxine Boss

    What a treat it is to find myself browsing through your store while still in my pj’s.
    It’s likely a good thing I live far away because otherwise I’d either have to take out a mortgage or get a full time job to pay for all the wools I would be unable to resist buying.

  • Jill Dorsch
    Jill Dorsch

    Wow! Love all the eye candy! I could absolutely go goofy looking and touching all your lovely yarns and fabrics. Wish I lived closer to be able to see you all in person!

  • Margaret Robichaud
    Margaret Robichaud

    Awesome, I get so excited when I get to your shop that I can’t see straight. Lol “ kid in a candy store”

  • Angela Jorgensen
    Angela Jorgensen


  • Angela Jorgensen
    Angela Jorgensen

    hi everyone!

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