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Plans to Steep

Plans to Steep
Good Morning,
I am going into this year with all the same love and energy I have carried into rug hooking for the past few years. I plan to steep. That will be my word for this year. I am going to steep in the richness of this community and my studio. To steep is to get stronger like a cup of tea. To deepen, to take in, to take on even more of the flavour of this place. There is so much to do here, so much I can strengthen and enhance. To steep takes great focus so I am settling in for another year to create beauty everyday. Steeping in this place, in this time, with you in this community.
I have so much gratitude that you let me write to you each week.
The longer I work as an artist the more grateful I am for creativity. I love how new ideas can come like a tide, all at once or sometimes a trickle. Yet they come. However they come I am appreciative.
As I approach another year in the studio I do it with a renewed energy. I took a good break in December from recording classes and just hooked my rugs. I have started a very large rug. The largest I have done in a few years. I have plans for some new courses and I will begin working on those this January. I am looking forward to these things. They sustain me. This morning I picked out the golds for the goldenrod in the foreground.
Each year you get to start again. Truly, each day we get to start again. That is the beauty of life. There is constant renewal if we choose it. There is never a need to wait for the new year. However the New year calls out to us to recognize what it is that we need.
I am interested to see how the people taking The Harbour develop and grow their ideas. I have watched people come into their own creatively with this course over the last few years and I am still watching because the learning in this course just continues on and on. The more people put into it, the more they get out of it.
That is true for rug hooking, art and creativity. The more we have to offer it, the more it offers us.
Over the last year in the studio we have done fifty two lives. We have such fun doing them. There is so much to share with rug hooking. As I always say, when you share rug hooking you never know what you are sharing. You could be sharing community, friendship, joy, comfort, and so many other things.
Teaching people to use their hands to connect with their creative spirit is powerful. I talk to so many people who tell me this. They tell me that they found something else when they started hooking rugs. This makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile.
In the coming year I want to keep teaching online and doing our lives. Starting this Thursday, January 6th The lives will take place right on our website. You can still share them on facebook, and we want you too! Please do. We will also be able to chat right on the website during the live so that's great.
You'll find the quality of the picture and sound to be great and You'll be able to watch it right at hookingrugs.com., choose lives from the menu and click on the first post and we'll be there. After you watch please be sure to share it to your social media.
There will be fun, foolishness, authenticity, rug hooking, and of course a few gifts for viewers. I am excited . Join me on Thursday at 2pm AST at hookingrugs.com for our lives.
Thank you for watching, for caring about rug hooking, and for caring about others,
PS. You can watch our Thursday Live here! Thursday at 2pm.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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