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My Big Time Party Girl Tips

My Big Time Party Girl Tips

Some times I think I am not much for parties. I think I like my books, my pyjamas, a bit of television and off to bed by ten. Well I doooooo like that. I like all that very much. It is very cozy.

But you know what? Often when I make the effort to go out I really enjoy myself. I just have to make the effort.

Of course, I do love the getting ready part. Choosing the outfit, doing the hair, putting on the lips, deciding on the shoes. I make it sound like a big deal. It takes me ten minutes, but it is ten minutes I really like.

Once I get out I am usually happy, even if I tell myself I don't much like going out anymore. And I find that the happiness often resonates to the next day. It is not only the fun and the conversation of the event but also the memory of it. I wake up and remember that everyone had a nice time. I think about the foolishness, that what was said, the food. I always love the food. And it feels good.

So here are the big time party girl tips I have been telling myself.

  • Don't dread stuff, just go do it. I will like it once I get there. Don't imagine yourself bored at the event days before it. Don't think about it til you go and then just find yourself there and enjoy the moment.
  • Listen. Listen to everyone. I find that listening is so much easier than being interesting. I do ask questions though, that keeps the talkers talking and lets me not worry about being funny and engaging.
  • Drink lots of water. I don't over drink. I don't think any evening is worth trading the beauty of the next day for.
  • Appreciate my host. Be thankful that you have been included and show that. Creating a party and hosting is lots of effort and sweetness. Love them a little bit for having you.
  • It's ok to stand and talk to one person all night or mingle. Whatever works. Just be myself and go with the flow of the evening.
  • Don't worry about the weather, or the roads or travelling there. If the roads are bad I'll stay home and have a glass of wine in my pyjamas.
  • Wear what I want to wear, unless it's at the Governor General's house and they have specified I need to be fancy. I think my invite for that one has got lost in the mail.

    Last week I hosted a little party. Just six people. But it would make me sad to think that they would have rather been home in their pyjamas instead of having fried chicken, mashed potatoes and apple pie a la mode with me on Friday night. So I am going to be party grateful from here on in. Just look forward to things and enjoy them as they are. Remind myself about just being in the moment and enjoying every little thing for just what it is. Taking things as they are, and rolling with them.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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