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Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine is full of good ideas. Listen to the Podcast.

Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine is full of good ideas. Listen to the Podcast.

Janine Vangool is smart and kind. Over ten years ago she started her own magazine, Uppercase, and has worked diligently at it ever since. It is a magazine for people like herself and for people like us, the creative and the curious. I have subscribed for years because she brings the beautiful to my attention. I really admire people like Janine who are not afraid to start things from scratch. People who take a tiny idea and nurture it till it blooms. 

I love having a podcast because I get to just ask people if I can ask them a bunch of questions. It is so wonderful for me because I am a naturally curious soul. When I meet someone new I have to be careful not to interview them, firing off questions. It is my nature. I have to hold back...except when I do my podcast.

For about five years a friend and I co hosted a radio program on cfta, our community channel. I met so many interesting people. Last year I decided that I really wanted to take the time to interview people about their creativity, art, beauty and life so I transitioned from the radio show to create this podcast. I have learned a lot and now have seventeen episodes under my belt. Just click below to listen.

Create Beauty Everyday Podcast with Janine Vangool



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