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How is your hand writing?

How is your hand writing?
I just opened a letter that came in the mail;. It was written on a piece of looseleaf in longhand. She said there was no need to respond. She just felt the need to write so she did. Honestly, it was like she dropped by for a visit.
There is something so personal about a hand written letter. I think our hand writing is like our hooking. It is our own personal stitch. No one else's is quite like ours. When we get a personal letter, it is like someone fills the empty chair beside us as we read it. You can feel their presence in a way that just does not happen with a text or an email.
I enjoy handwriting. It is artful. It can be curly and soft or sharp and hasty. The letters of every word interconnected. Slowly over time, hand writing has become almost like artwork. When I look at it upon the page, it is an art form.
I wonder are we willing to say more when it is written in our hand. Do we feel the connection more deeply? Are we more ourselves in the contemplation that comes with the handwritten word?
It takes more time and more thoughtfulness it seems to actually hand write a letter, seek out the address, stamp it and mail it off. It is full of intention.
I know this letter I write to you is full of intention. I think about what I'll share. I want to be there with you for a little visit. Yet I still imagine if I could write you a hand-written personal note. Wouldn't it be beautiful?
We live in an age where hand written correspondence has been cast aside. We communicate so much, yet in some ways we communicate only a little.
I have a letter that my mother wrote to her friend years ago. I keep in in an envelope on the inside cover of my recipe journal. It gave me glimpses into my mother that I had never seen before. Sometimes I pull it out and read again, just to feel her feelings, see her handwriting. This could never be done with a email, a text or a phone call.
The art of letter writing is still alive for some of us. I am glad it is. So thank you for the letter. For the hand written notes. For talking to me, and for listening. Thank you for being there,

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  • Angela Davis
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