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Episode 89 Thursday Live: The sable horse rug comes off the frame.

Episode 89 Thursday Live: The sable horse rug comes off the frame.
  • Angela Davis
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  • Linda-Ann

    Wow! That rug turned out so pretty. I think it is definitely one of my favourite rugs you’ve made. I also wanted to say I’m watching the playback and I really appreciate how clear and vivid the video is. It felt like I was standing right there in the shop with you. Thanks for sharing.

  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
    Deanne Fitzpatrick

    I did not use a border on the cabbage roses and just bound it by hand sewing it to the back side.

  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
    Deanne Fitzpatrick

    Yes, the inspiration sessions will be taped and just write sexy jersey in the seach bar of our website and it will pop up!

  • Terry Turner Mitchell
    Terry Turner Mitchell

    Was out walking in the sunshine this afternoon but watched the Thursday “get together” this evening.
    The Sable Island rug is breath taking!

  • Pamela Maxfield-Ontko
    Pamela Maxfield-Ontko

    Love the graphic quality of the horse rug, and all the movement you’ve created in the sky and water. Even the negative space around the horses has a feeling of movement. Really, really neat. A great reminder that design does not have to be complicated to be beautiful and complete.

  • Juanita M Moore
    Juanita M Moore

    Deanne. You make a good point at the end. If you give up your integrity, who are you?

  • Marnie

    .The water is amazing.

  • Christine

    Hello from Maryland

  • Julie de Loë
    Julie de Loë

    What is the price on the sexy jersey and where do we find it on the web site?

  • Paula

    Happy St Patrick’ Day

  • Bonnie M Moore
    Bonnie M Moore

    I find your water very inspiring…the colours make me feel the reflections of the sky that we see in water.

  • Susan

    Someone needs to fix Deanne’s tag on the back. Please.

  • Bonnie M Moore
    Bonnie M Moore

    I am trying to hook as you finish your rug but I am so looking forward to seeing it come off the frame that I can’t get anything done!

  • Marnie

    I love your shoes.

  • Danielle

    Je l’aime déjà ! Super beau !

  • Danielle

    J’aime beaucoup sexy jersey et les couleurs WoW !

  • Paula

    Will the Inspiration courses be taped?

  • Paula

    Will the Inspiration courses be taped?

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    It’s a movie “Then Adam Project”

  • Joan Perry
    Joan Perry

    Hi from Eagle Head, NS.

    Pillars of the Earth if you have Amazon Prime

  • Renate Thompson
    Renate Thompson

    Shetland is amazing.

  • Vicki Yanda
    Vicki Yanda

    Watch Killing Eve on Hulu……….

  • Bonnie M Moore
    Bonnie M Moore

    Lorna I love that show too!

  • Paula Taraszkiewicz
    Paula Taraszkiewicz

    The Guilded Age

  • Lynn

    Morning, Everyone! Well, I guess it is afternoon down East! I’m excited for your horse rug to be done, Deanne :-) Having a happy day here – hung the wash out on the line; first time since September yay

  • Jacquie  Wingert
    Jacquie Wingert

    Greetings from Great Pond Maine. After watching some of your previous “Live” episodes, I’ll incorporate more yarn into my projects.

  • Julie de Loë
    Julie de Loë

    I love this rug and what it promisses to show. When I found out you were hocking a rug based on Sable Island horses, I was hooked!

  • Christine

    Hi from Coldbrook

  • Danielle

    Hello ! Sunny day here at Venise en Quebec

  • Debbie Harris
    Debbie Harris

    Hi from Cobourg, Ontario

  • Anne Burton
    Anne Burton

    Hi from Kingston Ontario on a lovely warm, sunny day

  • David Kish
    David Kish

    Hello from Sunny New Mexico USA

  • Gretchen Robbins
    Gretchen Robbins

    Hello from Winthrop Maine where it is sunny and spring like!

  • betty jean
    betty jean

    Happy St Patrick’s day!! Do those in Canada celebrate St. Patrick’s day today?

  • Joyce Jose
    Joyce Jose

    Hello from Pennsylvania

  • Ingrid

    Hi everybody.

  • joe gauthier
    joe gauthier

    Hi everyone – we’ll be starting soon

  • Carol Weingartner
    Carol Weingartner

    Erin Go Bragh!
    Even with a name like Weingartner, I am really Irish and just married to a German! (or at least about 30%.

  • betty jean
    betty jean

    hello from rainy Long Island, NY

  • Anne

    Hello from South Central Kentucky!

  • Mary Webber-Cook
    Mary Webber-Cook

    It’s March Break in Nova Scotia. I am delighted to be able to join you LIVE!

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith

    Hello from Ottawa.

  • Laurie Sybertz
    Laurie Sybertz

    Just bought the cabbage landscape and was wondering if you would put a border or a straight line in the edge. How you finish it folded back, whipped ?

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