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Episode 110: Thankful Runner and The Maritime Collection

Episode 110: Thankful Runner and The Maritime Collection
  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
Comments 11
  • Pat G.
    Pat G.

    Wishing all of you in Nova Scotia smooth sailing through Fiona. Thinking of you all…from a friend/fan in Boston Massachusetts.

  • Tammy Adams
    Tammy Adams

    So disappointed this time! I along with many others I’

    I look forward to watching the Thursday Lives, (I’m older, highlight of my Thursdays sometimes!) but, this was the only time I was disappointed!
    It seemed very rushed and not like the Thursday lives you have had in the past where I could watch, learn and enjoy the art of rug hooking.

    I lost my mother in 2020 and without you knowing , you all helped me through that grief with rug hooking to focus on and I want to thank you for that!

    I only hope you all understand besides rug hooking what an inspiration you are to so many people!
    God Bless, and of course I will always continue to watch your Thursday Lives.


  • Diana

    I’m so sorry the feed was so off/on today. Maybe Fiona is causing disruption. Even though it was a short Live (very short!) there was a lot packed into it. Can’t wait to watch the progress on the floor rug. Stay safe Atlantic Canadians during the Fiona Storm.

  • Peggy Hartle
    Peggy Hartle

    Hello from Ontario!

  • Pam Willoughby
    Pam Willoughby

    I know everyone’s busy, but it seems that the lives are shorter than before and seem more rushed. I so look forward to seeing Deanne every Thursday and selfishly want to have her for longer.

  • Terry Turner Mitchell
    Terry Turner Mitchell

    Better late and not at all!

  • Sue waddy
    Sue waddy

    Hello from UK
    Sorry I am late

  • Gail Mueller
    Gail Mueller

    Hi from Orillia

  • Jolene from Lube, Maine
    Jolene from Lube, Maine

    Good morning

  • Pam Willoughby
    Pam Willoughby

    Hi from Monterey CA

  • Danielle

    Hello !

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